Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Saterday Bliss

David was saying earlier that he misses having Hot Dogs roasted on the fire like we used to have them before, so I decided to build one and make him the hot dogs the way he likes them, here is a picture of the fire pit we built in our back yard, we do not live in the city limits so we can do what city people can NOT do,

my family enjoying roasted hot dogs on the fire,Nellie roasting her own Hot Dog, with our 2 dogs lurking around trying to convince her that they were soooooooo hungry!!!!!

David enjoying his favorite drink, Root Beer with his roasted Hot dog,

"I love this man, he is my Hero"


  1. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun! Hot dogs roasting over an open fire... how can you beat that?

  2. We can due a lot in our fiar pit since we don't live in the wickid city, human sacrifice, excedera, we cant wait til you get here gurlz!!! we're soooooo exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Helen Edwards

  3. Ya'll are an embarrassment to the good people of Mississippi!