Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About my Beloved Husband David


  1. Thank you Back Alley Dog,
    For giving us a soothing blogspot to vent all our anger out. We have been sssooo abused by the Edwards slander. Thank you "B.A.D" for this historic site. PLEASE ADD SOME MUSIC: Like Iris's blog. It would be so great to hear some Contemporary Christian songs like she listens to while blogging.

  2. How about some feminist men hating blue grass music? The kind with a lesbian playing guitar to "I'll Fly Away" like the one on YOUTUBE that Iris commented: how much she loves it and makes her FEEL all warm and fuzzy.

  3. How can you say that about me! I love Faithful Word Baptist Church! Why didn't you just throw out my wife if she was the problem, and then Iris and I could have kept coming!

  4. Dear Mr. Edwards,

    I think your finally coming to your sences. It would have been so nice to have you & Iris at Church. You & Iris were so ready to forget and move on....but your wife just would not let it go because of her pride and deep seeded resentment toward other women. I feel real sorry for you, I wish you had a nice wife with a "meek & quiet spirit". Why would you alow her to write such a slanderous blog? I will never undertand. You have my simpathy, it must be miserable living with a women like that. And poor Iris, I wonder what she will turn out like? Only time will tell.

  5. Dear Anonymous.I know you have accused Helen of being a poor speller but just for future reference, sympathy is spelled like this s-y-m-p-a-t-h-y. Not simpathy.

  6. Ug! Dont tok that weigh abowt me Mummy!

    Home > Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary
    n., pl. -thies.
    A relationship or an affinity between people or things in which whatever affects one correspondingly affects the other.
    Mutual understanding or affection arising from this relationship or affinity.
    The act or power of sharing the feelings of another.
    A feeling or an expression of pity or sorrow for the distress of another; compassion or commiseration. Often used in the plural. See synonyms at pity.
    Harmonious agreement; accord: He is in sympathy with their beliefs.
    A feeling of loyalty; allegiance. Often used in the plural: His sympathies lie with his family.
    Physiology. A relation between parts or organs by which a disease or disorder in one induces an effect in the other.
    [Latin sympathīa, from Greek sumpatheia, from sumpathēs, affected by like feelings : sun-, syn- + pathos, emotion.]