Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are Christian Schools and Colleges wrong?

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  1. Looks like Helen Edwards is reaping what she sowed. She built this blog, blood, sweat and tears, pouring out her most private thoughts, evil spirited lies, hurtful words of anger, for THE WHOLE WORLD TO READ on this very blog, which was originally "suppose" to be for "soul-winning". Then she slandered and slandered the Andersons and their church family for a whole month, just because they rebucked her evil works of division in their Church. And they didnt even care, they never wrote slanderous bloggs about the Edwards. They just moved on happily....
    Then POW!!!!
    God let someone, take it all away from Helen, deleted all the mean filthy hearted comments about the pastors wife and now this very blog that started the whole mess is nothing but A JOKE!!!!! God is great.....You sure do reep what you sow...HAAA HHAAAAA HELEN EDWARDS!!!!! YOUR A JOKE!!!!! HHHAAAA HAAAHHHAAAA Hey Helen, if God approves of your behavior and your filthy blog, they why did'nt he protect your blog? HHHAAAA HHHHAAAA HHHAAAA. You tore down your house and made a joke of your family.